Which Is Better Value For Money: NBA TV Or League Pass?

It’s no secret that the National Basketball Association (NBA) is a money-making machine. In fact, according to Forbes, the NBA is the second most valuable sports league in the world, behind only the NFL.

So it should come as no surprise that the NBA offers two different premium TV packages that allow fans to watch live games: NBA TV and League Pass. But which one is better value for money?

To answer this question, we need to take a closer look at what each package offers and how much it costs.


NBA TV is the cheaper option, but it doesn’t offer as much value. For $40 less, you get a lot less content. You still get live games, but only four out-of-market games per week. You also get some on-demand content and replays, but not nearly as much as League Pass.

If you’re a casual fan who just wants to keep up with your favorite team, NBA TV is probably all you need. But if you’re a diehard fan who wants to watch every game, League Pass is definitely worth the extra money.

League Pass

For most people, League Pass is the better value for money. NBA TV gets you all the live games, but it doesn’t include any of the classic games or other content that League Pass does. It also costs more per month.

League Pass gives you all the live games, plus classic games, on-demand content, and other features like live stats and live DVR. It also gives you access to watching games on your mobile device. The price is lower than NBA TV, and if you cancel before the end of the season, you’ll get a refund for the remainder of the season.

Nba tv vs league pass

Assuming you are looking at the US market, NBA TV is $59.99 and League Pass is $199.99.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you get with each:

NBA TV includes: All live out-of-market games, HD quality, DVR functionality, 40+ hours of live studio programming per week including NBA TV Originals and live game simulcasts of ESPN, TNT and ABC’s Saturday prime time games, among other content.

League Pass includes: All live out-of-market games, HD quality, DVR functionality, Stats Page integration with live game action, Multiple camera angles for select games, Full game replays and condensed versions available soon after the game ends. Classic games dating back to the 1980s also included.

So it really depends on what you are looking for. If you want just the games without any extras like replays or classic games, then NBA TV is the better value. If you want more content and features like multiple camera angles and post-game highlights/interviews, then League Pass is a better value.


After taking a close look at both NBA TV and League Pass, it’s clear that League Pass is the better value for money. Not only does it offer more features and flexibility, but it’s also significantly cheaper than NBA TV. If you’re serious about following the NBA, League Pass is the obvious choice.

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